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Group Fitness

CrossFit programming and methodology adapted to meet all fitness levels. 1-hour classes that include weightlifting, bodyweight and conditioning movements will keep you moving towards your goals.

Our members see results

Achieve your goals at ActiveVT.

  • By Day One

    A boosted mood and pep in your step from taking strides towards a healthier you.

  • After Several Weeks

    Improved energy and relationship with your fitness.

  • Within Several Months

    Increased metabolism, increased strength, increased endurance, and other fitness improvements.

  • By Half a Year

    Some body recomposition and hugely improved athletic performance.

  • Around a Year

    Aesthetic changes and a measurably more efficient heart, as well as other improved health markers.

  • Forever…

    Increased life expectancy, more lean muscle mass, improved balance and coordination, better bone density, mental health, sense of community, etc…


With membership options starting at $200 per 4 weeks we have fitness solutions for different budgets and goals. Fill out the form to learn more about our memberships.

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