Active Aging

Keeping aging bodies healthy and independent through ActiveVT

Free Intro

A class devoted to strength, balance, and mobility.

What is it?

Active Aging is an hour-long instructor-led group class devoted to improving functional strength, balance and mobility. Keep your independence and enjoy the most of life with this regular dose of fitness.

Who is it for?

Active Aging is for aging bodies (aren’t they all?), usually people over 60, but also others who would feel most comfortable training with an older group.

Do I need previous experience?

Nope, none. The experienced coaches will make sure everybody is challenged enough to reach their goals, but not enough to be overwhelmed. We love sharing fitness with first-time gym-goers.

How do I start?

Get in touch! We’d love to meet you 1-on-1 to talk about your goals and what brought you here. Assuming it’s a good fit, we’ll do a few on-boarding sessions to assess abilities and teach movements… then into group classes you go! You’ll be supported the entire way. Don’t delay, reach out today.